A little about Adelina

Coming from a very religious, ethnic background, I was taught from a young age exactly how I am meant to live my life. I was taught the structure of my life - the beginning, the middle and the end. This shaped my aspirations, my purpose. I thought my purpose was to go to school, make lots of money, meet a man, buy a house, have children and live out my days just like that. Did I mention that in that process I need to work EXTREMELY hard and stress was okay? It was all part of it. 

This shaped my life goals into a direction that I THOUGHT I needed to go, rather than following my natural instincts. Even though from a young age I knew I was different than others, my mind always lead me rather than my instinct. I now understand how valuable this was to my growth, but I knew this all had to change. 

Something changed in me around the age of 30 (my Saturn return). I knew I wasn’t aligned, I knew I had to change. It was an instant feeling, like the day I turned 30. I then started to look deeper into all aspects of my life. After a few years of trial and error, it wasn’t until I was 32 that I started my ascension into my true soul alignment. I remember the exact moment I first heard my intuition speak to me, in a very loud voice. I was at my then 9-5 job and they had asked me to move to the other side of the world for a very big opportunity. This is the type of opportunity my brain would normally have said yes to immediately, without even thinking. But that day, in that office, I heard the loudest NO I have ever heard in my entire life. I thought someone said it to me - that’s how loud it was. That was one of the first times I really listened. One month later, I quit my safety net of a 9-5 income and started my own digital agency with only 1 client at the time and a quarter of the income I was on. But I was in alignment and I knew being in alignment would bring in new opportunities. It only took me 3 months to be earning 6 figures and 1 year on, earning 3x what I was making at my 9-5. I knew then that the universe had my back and that everything is just energy exchange. The more energy I put into where I was aligned, what really lit me up, where I was recognised for my abilities, the more income I could make. 

Fast forward 2 years after I quit my 9-5, I am earning the most money I have ever earnt, I am more than comfortable and I am working with the most amazing brands around Australia. My intuition spoke to me again. After some really intense 3 month coaching (shoutout to Matilda, the absolute legend) & deep healing, I heard it again. The loud NO. I have since learnt this is my Spleen and a part of my Human Design. It speaks to me often and sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t - but when it gets this loud, I cannot ignore it. This time it told me that I cannot do this anymore - it no longer aligns. My purpose has shifted. I needed to slow down and reassess how I want to proceed. I really thought I was going into this coaching to 10-times grow my business, but the opposite happened and my life is again on another path.

Now, what I have learnt about your ‘Soul Purpose’ is that it always remains the same, but how you follow it is entirely up to you (or is it?). I was deep into Human Design, mentoring, NLP & healing and I really felt in my soul that I want to help others find their soul purpose too. 

So, I shut down 80% of my agency to fully focus on me and, in turn, give back to others in a way so that they aren’t afraid to follow their soul purpose, just like I was. 

My true passion is helping and guiding others with what I have learnt along my journey, but on a deeper intuitive, level. I have a skill in being able to understand a person's true desires and goals and giving them the drive and assistance in reaching their full potential.