Join me for an Immersive Transformation where you will transform yourself + business & expand insight on running a business that is aligned WITH YOU!

Are you ready to experience a sense of empowerment and a renewed sense of purpose? I am fully committed to your personal growth and transformation by providing a supportive and collaborative environment for your journey. Together, we will create a steady foundation for you to grow & prosper!

With personalised guidance and powerful tools at your fingertips, you'll feel inspired and motivated to take charge of your life. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling energised, empowered, and ready to take on your soul led biz & make meaningful impact!

This is for YOU if YOU are ready for:

✈️ More freedom in your life & biz.

💃🏾 More confidence to take risks in your biz.

💭 Clarity on where you're at and where you want to be.

👫 Changing & creating fulfilling relationships with self & others so you can make an impact.

🔥 Change your mindset & take YOURSELF & your biz to the next level.

Making changes creates the change!

Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Adelina, a 6/2 Splenic Projector sent here to help guide you to live your most authentic life & empowering you to run your most aligned Soul Led Biz.

I am unconventional and I enjoy it this way. We are often told, we cannot do things instinctively. Well I am here to tell you that you can! I don't believe there can be one way to do things. I am here to show the world that as individuals, we can prosper in our businesses running it in our own aligned way!

Together with experience in Marketing & Business, plus holistic experience in Human Design, Spiritual Practices & Mentoring, I bring you my knowledge, skills & insights to help move you forward. I am here to share my experiences, knowledge & intuition to empower you to your truth, break down your limiting beliefs and together we bring you into alignment which is already within you!

I know life can get in the way and sometimes we simply need empowerment to look in places we simply cannot see alone and heal ourselves. There's nothing that lights me up more than guiding you through. Together, we will create a steady foundation for you to grow & prosper in your Soul Led Biz!

Your success, is my success.

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The Details

What is your experience & what modalities do you use?

Soul Experience

All my life I have been following a path of self discovery with a big focus on self-help. Starting in my early 20's I was focused on motivational mentors following the likes of Gary V, Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle + more. Then I followed a much more spiritual path into expansion. This is where I started learning modalities as I knew I wanted to guide others on this path.

This include:

  • Neurolinguistic reprogramming - EFT Tapping, NLP, Meditation, Hypno, Mindset training, Neuro Drawing.
  • Shamanic Healing / Plant Medicines
  • Intuitive / Psychic Guidance
  • Human Design
  • Tarot / Oracle
  • Mindfulness practices

Biz Experience

Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment where both my parents run their own business, I knew from a young age this is what I wanted to do! I studied business majoring in Marketing going on to work with & for some of the biggest brands in Australia. Following this, I was called into the direction of starting my own business. A Digital Marketing Agency that has helped 100's of brands launch & expand in their niches. From strategy on new businesses right through to execution, I have helped many brands accelerate their growth.

Here is my experience:

  • Brand Development
  • Website builds
  • Digital marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • EDM campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / TikTok
  • Advertising
  • Product development
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Hiring / outsourcing
  • Mentoring
  • Business Startup

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I bring these two resources together to help empower YOU to grow your Soul Led Biz. So we all are here doing exactly what we came here to do!

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What is the Soul Biz Blueprint?

Your own uniquely built Blueprint for your Soul Led Biz.

What is included:

  • Your Human Design Chart with unique aspects to help you in your business as well as recondition your system for a more aligned YOU.
  • An outline of your goals & what we want to achieve.
  • Your unique business strategy.
  • Your unique business plan.
  • Guidance to getting your business started.
  • Guided routines to help Expand your business.
  • Motivation to empower you to Expand.
  • Systems to help move you through.

Key takeaways:

  • How to structure your business
  • A solid plan to success
  • Your client demographic
  • Content for Social Media
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Funnels for clients
  • Paid Ads Overview
  • Best practices
  • Guidance for you and unique insights on how you can expand your business
  • A unique insight into your purpose from my lens

There are 3 options:

  • Blueprint Only
  • Blueprint + 1x 1:1 Session
  • Blueprint + 30 or 60 Day Container

What is a 1:1 Session?

My Mentoring sessions are more laser focused on you for that moment. It's 60/75 minute session where we will have a more intuitive look at where you're at in this point of time.

In our 1:1 we may be solving a problem area you have in you that is impacting your biz. The information given will help you to leap forward and help expand your business. This could be roadblocks, limiting beliefs or anything that might be holding you back.

We are having a direct look at you & what is holding you back from expanding. We are looking at different parts of you via a deep dive as well as a look into your spiritual body.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions & have a space safe to talk about YOU.

These sessions may also offer Social Media & Digital Marketing mentoring where you can explore ways to help grow & prosper online.

This session is both healing & expansive.

What is the Container & how is it different to Mentoring / Consulting?

Our Containers are a focused container to help you move through. With two options, it is an opportunity for you to have somebody alongside you for a specific time. This gives you more opportunity to ask questions, be guided & a bigger space for you to grow. I believe that personal & business growth is a journey, not a destination, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Everyone is so unique and different so I know that we need individual strategies to growth. A personal approach so that you can expand in a way you feel not only comfortable but empowered! This container aims at approaching your growth from an individualistic approach that works for you. No two containers are ever the same. You will receive your business blueprint with both a Human Design insight as well as a strategic business plan for your Soul Led Biz and this will be the catalyst for your success within your container. Having me there as your accountability to getting started.

Our Mentoring sessions are more laser focused on you for that moment. It's 1 hour and we will have a more intuitive look at where you're at in this point of time.

You can email me anytime hello@theexpanded.com.au to discuss which options are better for you. Or try our quiz to find out!

How does the container work?

Step 1

We jump on a 15 min discovery call. Find out if we are an energetic match for what you need.

Step 2

We lock in dates and we will chat about your goals / intentions. We will discuss the days / times of availability. You Blueprint outline will be created ready for your container.

Step 3

We setup our WhatsApp channel where we will chat / set goals. You will be able to text / voice note / video call / share files.

Step 4

At the end of the 30 or 60 days, we will have a 30 minute achievement call to discuss what you achieved.

Can we chat first as I am not sure where I am at?

Lets chat first! That way we can see if we are both the right fit or perhaps I can guide you in the right direction.

Please contact me via WhatsApp to arrange a time to call / chat via text OR you can DM me on Instagram if you don't have WhatsApp.

What are the differences for each container?

30 Days

A fully immersive container for those that have a big goal they want to achieve or want to try many different things over 30 days. This is a perfect one for those that need someone to guide them along the way for a more intensified experience. You will have me guiding you for specific time periods giving advice in the areas you choose. It is great for someone starting new businesses and assistance along the way. Like a nurturing guide in your pocket.

We will discuss your goals, where you are at and how we can get to your goals.

60 Days

60 Day container are much the same but available for anyone looking to dive deep into business. Suited for anyone who has not yet started a business and looking to launch one. That way we can cover YOU first then dive deep into launching your Soul Led Biz.

What is included in the 30 days?

  • 2 x 30 Minute Healing Sessions or Workshops where we will dive deep into what you need to move forward. This could include EFT, Meditation, Reprogramming or alternatively you can use these sessions to be taught something more in-depth in your biz i.e Paid Ads, Canva crash course, EDM creation etc. We will book this after week 1 so you know what you want - valued at $175.
  • Your personalised Business Blueprint - valued at $499. This includes your Human Design business integration as well as your strategic business plan for your Soul Led Biz. Note: if you don't have your exact time of birth, you will not receive the Human Design aspects.
  • My brand new journal My Daily Thoughts: 365 Days of Thoughts - valued at $49.99 (delivered to you)
  • Your Human Design digital print - valued at $9.99.
  • A 15 minute goal setting call - valued at $35
  • Access to Canva Templates to use for your biz - valued at $299
  • Future access to my Soul Led Biz Portal - valued at $199
  • Full access to me - all my knowledge / wisdom that I have sourced over many lifetimes. You can ask me any questions, it's a safe space container - Priceless $$$

What are the terms?

  • A set timetable will be established for 30 day containers. This will include 5 daily windows per week of 5 hours. I will have a 1 hour timeframe to respond.
  • Container does not include execution work, such as setup or healing sessions. These can be discussed separately if required.
  • This is a confidential container, none of the discussions will be discussed outside of the container.
  • If the container isn't for you, you may leave at any time and will be refunded the remaining % minus admin fees for setup.
  • If you book a 1:1 session & decide you want to do a 30 day container, we will subtract the session off the container price.

What are the costs?

1:1 Mentoring Sessions


- 60 - 75 minutes

- Packages available

Soul Biz 30 Container


- 20 full days x 5 hours per day

- plus all extras

- Limited to 3 people per month

Soul Biz 60 Container


- 40 full days x 5 hours per day

- plus all extras

- Limited to 1 person per month

Soul Biz Business Blueprint


- Full blueprint of how to start your Soul Led Biz

- Includes business structure / content / social media / advertising / EDM database / funnels / integrating your business with your Human Design / routines / motivation / accountability

Containers are limited to 3 people in total per month.

Alternatively, please contact me below if you have any questions, want to find out more or book in a 15 minute discovery call:


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