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Human Design Printable Aura Designs

Human Design Printable Aura Designs

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Human Design Aura Digital Downloads - ready to be printed! 

I know how important it is to choose your own aesthetic (i'm a Libra, don't expect anything less) so I have created these charts for each Human Design type so that you can print them as you need online or at your local printer for your home.

I have created these Aura's based on my perception of the Human Design mechanics and how I see these Aura's in my everyday field. The magic, the essence, the power of each Aura is so different and I wanted to capture this in my artwork. Keeping it simple as well, so that it works perfectly in any home aesthetic! 

Note: Images are used for mock up purposes and will vary based on your print. Colours will appear much brighter on screen as CMYK may not include all colour variations. If this is of concern, please email me and I will show you a sample PDF.

You will receive:

2 x variations of your Human Design types - Aura type + Aura description (see images for variations). 

A ZIP file with hi-res 300dpi JPEGS in CMYK with all the size variations.  

Note: These aren't transparent, they have a beige background. If you require transparent versions, please email me.

NEW: For a limited time we have the HD Bundle! Where you will get all the charts for the price of 3. This is perfect for HD coaches wanting to give them to clients or if you have a big family and want to give them out as gifts! How perfect.

The sizes you will receive:


Adjustable for printing : A2, A3, A4, A5

4x5 inches
Adjustable for printing :
8x10 in, 12x15 in, 16x20 in 10x12 cm, 20x25 cm, 28x35 cm, 30x38 cm, 40x50 cm

6x8 inches
Adjustable for printing :
9x12 in, 12x16 in, 15x20 in, 18x24 in, 15x20 cm, 22x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 38x50 cm, 45x60 cm

4x6 inches
Adjustable for printing :
6x9 in, 8x12 in, 10x15 in, 12x18 in, 16x24 in, 20x30 in, 24x36 in, 10x15 cm, 20x30 cm, 30x45 cm, 40x60 cm, 50x75 cm

11 x 14 inches
Adjustable for printing :
22x28 in

Alternatively if you need other sizes please feel free to contact me directly so I can do me best to accommodate!

Custom designs are available please contact:


Note: you may print as many times as you like and give them as gifts. These however cannot be used for re-selling or commercial purposes. If you are found to be re-selling or making profit off these prints, legal action will be taken. These prints are the intellectual property of Modish Social in conjunction with Adelinaverse. Please do not send copies to others as this was created as artwork and long hours & creativity is put into each one.

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