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Marketing & Social Media Consulting

Marketing & Social Media Consulting

Who is this for?: This is perfect for anybody that wants information & knowledge on how to better launch / market / accelerate their online business or service. If you are stuck, not performing or just want to try something else, this session will give you insight & clarity on next steps. Together, we will create a steady foundation for you to grow & prosper!

My experience: I have been working in digital marketing for 12+ years. Starting agency side working on big Aussie brands such as Mecca, Samsonite, Sterosonic + more. Then moving in house working with one of Australia's biggest beauty brands Bondi Sands. Starting with Bondi Sands early on in their business helped me gain insights on how to build businesses from the ground up with a steady foundation. I was able to assist them in their Digital & Social Media growth for over 5 years! I was fortunate enough to help them launch into the US markets & travel around globally helping them with all their digital marketing. I knew there was a market for my expertise on a consulting basis so I launched my own agency and soon sadly left Bondi Sands to help other fashion, beauty, fitness, mindfulness & real estate clients grow their businesses. Fast forward, I bring my expertise to you to help you 1:1 in your digital marketing for your business! 

What is it: 1:1 Consulting sessions on marketing & social media for your product or service based business.

What's involved:

- digital marketing / social media knowledge and insight for anybody that has an existing product / service and needing to know more information on how to market

- perfect for anybody needing assistance on a specific social media platform

- if you looking to grow & accelerate their business I will assist in showing you easier pathways, ideas, tools you can use

- I specialise in e-commerce & personal holistic/wellness businesses (such as coaches / practitioners)

- we can chat about social platforms, EDM marketing, customer funnels, e-books, selling & marketing online, growing your database, growing your client base, getting more bookings, paid advertising, organic social media + more

- if you book 1 or more session, you will receive my e-book free (how to start an online business)

- a choice of video or voice call via WhatsApp or Google Meets.

Note: this service can be used for anybody looking to start a new business, however, you will may need to book 2 consecutive sessions. 

All sessions are booked via an application process. Please use the enquiry form below to apply.

To book, fill out the form below the images with your details and I will get back to you with 24 hours with more information. 



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     She is a soulful woman who would be too much of a disappointment to pass up working with someone who can hold space, stay on topic, and move through many elements of the soul's desire to grow, learn and thrive. Get ready to embrace the deepest parts of yourself.

    - Cassandra Pierce


    Adelina is a huge reason as to why I started my business when I doubted myself. My Spiritual butterfly and just an all rounder. Thank you for always having the right answers to everything! Book a session with Adelina if you want to succeed & grow in whatever your goals and dreams are!!

    - Nikki Carstens


    Adelina's ability to communicate and really help you sort through things that you wouldn’t even think of through all her different modalities. Her own way of diving in and understanding and see what’s going on and supporting your own life and on path is just mind blowing.

    - Laura Parshley

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Session FAQ'S

How do I book a session?

If you scroll back to the top you will see the Book Now button. Click this and select the time you would like to book in. You will then be prompted to pay for your session. You will then receive an email with all the details.

Why is it called Mentoring if it's focused on healing?

Our Mentoring sessions are more laser focused on you for that moment. It's 1 hour and we will have a more intuitive look at your spiritual body and where you're at in this point of time.

With these sessions I work with two aspects - the intuition + the knowledge from my experiences. A Mentor is an experienced & trusted advisor. I bring in my experience along with my nurturing intuition to guide you.

These sessions are both healing & expansive.

What is the Immersive Container & how is it different to Mentoring / Consulting?

Our Immersive Container is a focused container to help you move through. With two options, it is an opportunity for you to have somebody alongside you for a specifc time. This gives you more opportunity to ask questions, be guided & a bigger space for you to grow. At Adelinverse, we believe that personal growth is a journey, not a destination, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our Mentoring sessions are more laser focused on you for that moment. It's 1 hour and we will have a more intuitive look at where you're at in this point of time.

You can email me anytime to discuss which options are better for you. Or try our quiz to find out!

What is the difference between Mentoring & Consulting?

In our Mentoring sessions, we are having a direct look at you. We are looking at different parts of you via questions as well as a look into your spiritual body. This is both healing & expansive.

In our Consulting sessions, this is a session aimed at solving any problems you have in your biz. The information given will directly help you solve your problems and helo elevate your business. I use information & sources that I have gathered from my 12+ years experience in Marketing & Social Media to help you solve problems in your business.

I am not quite ready and unsure what to select?

Not a problem at all, I am here to help!

Please email me and I will help you out with any questions & guide you on the right path.

You can also message me directly on WhatsApp here and we can have a chat.