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Meet Adelina

Bring yourself back to your centre and watch everything magically align.

- Adelina

Mentor, Guide, Healer.

Guiding others to their versions of abundance for 14+ years.

Hi I am Adelina, a daughter, sister, aunty, cousin, godmother and friend. I have orbited the sun 36 times this lifetime. I am a quadruple Air sign (Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising & Libra Venus) and thus I love beauty, aesthetics, pretty things, romance, deep chats and giggling. If you’re into Human Design, I m a 6/2 Splenic Projector expressing through the Channel of Curiosity, moving through the LAX of Upheaval, here to turn things over and make them better. I grew up in country Victoria, Australia with immigrant parents from Italy. I am a citizen of the world. I have been travelling since 2013, exploring and experiencing different energy grids all over the world.


My purpose at this time is to be of service to those that allow me to dive deep into their soul so that we can co-create in living our most abundant lives. I am an Intuitive Mentor, Empowerment Guide & Healing Alchemist. I work with my energy field and tap into yours with whatever medicine is called to work.


I once believed I needed to do certain things at a young age and work a 9-5 to be happy, I soon learnt that my path was not like many others. I am unconventional, but you’ll only know this if you ask. From the outside I often like to blend in, but when I walk past people often stare as they can’t quite understand why I am different. It’s my energetic field and aura. Something I have worked on elevating for as long as I can remember. 


My favourite pass time is to shift moods and talk deep. If I was a superhero (well I might be) my super power would be the ability to walk in the room, know how everyone is feeling and wait until my target approaches me for enlightenment. Then I would ask a series of intuitive questions that make you think I am a psychic and leave you feeling lighter than before. I am grounded, earthy and at the same time I love pretty things and enjoying the finer things in life. You could see me frolicking in a meadow on a micro dose of mushrooms or at the computer on a business meeting. I am me and I love who I am, where I have been and where I am going. It took over 30 years for me to say that. I hope you do too.


Through my own personal struggles with childhood conditioning, traumatic events & moving through the ups & downs in my own life (full story coming soon), I started Adelinaverse as I wanted to create products & mentoring containers to help others struggling with being stuck or afraid to take the leap on their journey. I believe that when you realise you are the one that needs to make the changes, you are ready for your own path to self discovery. Self development isn't just increasing your knowledge, it involves a conscious, committed effort to grow and evolve as an individual in order to achieve personal goals, overcome challenges, enjoy better relationships and lead a more fulfilling life.


I don’t believe the development ever ends and life always serves us with ups and downs. I am here to share my journey of ups and downs and the tools & guidance that I use to continue on living just as I am. My experiences on this earth plane is the journey that I chose and it took a really long time for that to sink in. But I am here to show you that it is possible to experience it all.


I am not a new age spiritual teacher. Far from that. My pendulum has swung left to right many times on this journey but the more I accepted who I was, deep to the core, the more I was able to bring that pendulum to my centre. To my aligned self, walking on my truly aligned path. When we truly accept ourselves, we often go through our versions of The Dark Night of the Soul. When I was in the middle of one of mine, I thought I honestly would not make it. I did not see reason as to why I needed to be here on earth. If it wasn’t for the enlightened souls that came along my path, I may not have found my reason. But every single thing I did in this time period kept on bringing me back to me. Layer upon layer, it was me. The dark, the light, the different, the same. It was all me, I was led to accept every single part of me whilst forgiving myself for those times I did not.


Here I am, through the ashes. Speaking my truth, from my heart to yours. Connecting with my inner divinity so that I can really see others and accepting them for who they are. This takes courage and honestly it took a very long time. But I always say, it won’t click until it clicks. It will always happen just when it’s meant to.


My commitment now is to empower individuals, guide them back to their true essence, just as they are. I am here to show you that you ARE already the best version of yourself. Sometimes we forget, and I want to help individuals go deep within so that they can live their version of their most abundant life without the fear of not believing that they can! I once feared my own dreams and desires, but I made the conscious decision to stop running and face them all so that I could start living my version of my most abundant life.

My goal is to provide you with physical products, digital products, online services & mentoring containers that help with self discovery, self awareness, self care, self love & healing to make this happen.

I want to change the way individuals are improving themselves through different ways that light you up and give you those tingles of joy knowing that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. I don't believe there is a one way fits all approach. I want to help you become happier, create better habits & behaviours to become more attuned with yourself.


My one-on-one mentoring sessions provide guidance and support on an individual basis. These sessions are tailored to the needs of each individual and can help individuals overcome specific challenges or obstacles in their self-discovery journeys.


I take a holistic approach to self-discovery, recognising that personal growth requires attention to all aspects of an individual's life, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As such, I offer resources and tools that can help individuals improve in all of these areas.


I believe that everyone can move through any obstacles in their way with increased self awareness, self care & self love. That's why i'm here to help you move through the obstacles that may be on your path.


I know it can be hard to find the right tools for healing, know which direction to go in & get yourself out of your current mindset —so I’m here to show you that you can. I provide a full suite of self help & self discovery tools so that you can focus on what matters: living a happier, more content life with purpose & direction.


I am empowering YOU. I want to dedicate my time to helping transform lives by offering a gentle and safe space for individuals to improve their well-being, self-awareness, mindset, and consciousness.


I won't stop until i've helped as many people to achieve their inner peace & happiness. My vision is that every single one of you are doing at least one thing for YOU daily.

Are you ready to live your version of your most abundant life?



Start now with my FREE E-Book that features 101 things you can do today to help YOU ⤵️

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