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Accessing your inner joy

Updated: Apr 9

Do you ever stop for a moment and really reflect in the presence of what is? Exactly where you are, what you see, what you smell, what you can hear, what you can touch? Right there in the moment? I had one of these moments recently and I like to observe what information comes through me. It’s always something that I can feel in every cell of my body because I am being so present. I am not thinking abut the past or worrying about the future, I am sitting and observing the present moment so anything that comes through me seems to be from some sort of higher knowledge. It’s as if it can only be accessed in presence when everything else is put aside. 

I will say, this has often happened to me if I was to have mushrooms. But this time, it was just in a random moment where I decided to sit outside, in the sun, bare feet on the grass and stare off into the abyss as if I was looking into something much bigger than me. It was like I was a speckle in the grand scheme of all that is.

As I was staring out into the abyss, I started to giggle. I was giggling at the thought of how serious we all took life. This realisation was a built up emotion ready for release as the past few weeks prior there were lots of shadows that surfaced while being around my family. A family that really do take life pretty seriously. A family that do it all (well mostly) by the invisible book that was created about ‘How to live life on Earth’. 

I really wonder how many people stop and even just ponder on what they are really doing here. I do this very often, not in a way where I am saying ‘there has to be more to life that this’ but more of a deeper remembrance of why I am actually here. This will be different for every soul here on earth. I understand that. But I wonder how many actually stop and ponder. Even if the most ridiculous thoughts come to their mind. Even if it makes them angry, sad or better yet, if it makes them laugh. How many ponder in the present moment? I bet there are many hidden secrets there. I bet we all could uncover our own little sparks and ignitions there in that present moment. 

For me, these are the things that make me feel like home. These feelings or ‘thoughts’ always resonate with me to the point of goosebumps or better yet, tears welling up in my eyes. That’s when I know. That’s when I know this isn’t my mind but actually a memory. A memory on another timeline that I am feeling here in the now. A ripple has just occurred. 

That moment made me giggle because the feeling that came through me was ‘Do people really think we just come here, work, have a family, grow old and die and it’s all over?’ Like there’s no way we do all of that just for that. Again, this is my belief system. My home feeling. There’s no way that I could simply believe this method of doing Earth that many have been doing for centuries, are still doing and will continue to do. But I am no different to those people who believe in this way of living. We are exactly the same. But my feeling here seems to differ to most that are around me. My feelings were once the same as those, so I can relate. But something has changed and I can never go back. I never want to go back. 

Believing in something bigger than me has been one of the greatest accomplishments I have had. I feel that. As if this was the first incarnation that I remembered in this way. Because I know this one time I was a psychic in America (past-timeline therapy), so I am sure that time I believed in something greater too. But it feels like each time we remember in a different way and it is exactly how it’s meant to be. 

This realisation is simply, I am more than just my body, my suit, Adelina, here on Earth. So if I am bigger than my Earth body, then I must therefore always exist. That’s how I see it anyway. I have thought like this for a very long time but it isn’t always easy communicating it in Earth language as I like to call it. I often like to keep these thoughts to myself or to my really close friends who understand this concept because for most it can be quite confronting and quite scary. It’s unknown. It may be true but it might not be true at the same time. Like I always say, I believe it all is and all is not, all at once. If we believe only that it is true, then we have no exit. So I always ensure when I go down deep pathways like this that I know it might be true, it might not. 

But when I get the goosebumps, the tears welling in the eyes, for me, that’s a reminder of remembering. A reminder of home within myself, not my body, but my being. My soul as we might call it, for lack of better Earth language.

I love these little moments reminding me of who I am. Taking me back home. Everyone has their own joys in life, some might be material, some might be emotional, some might be that feeling we get when something or someone outside of us gives us what we 'need'. But those aren't my senses of joy as often as they used to be. My senses of joy come from within. Come from those moments where I feel something within me that nobody or anything outside of me can give me. It's those gentle reminders of who I am, how I can take myself back home, how I can give myself this feeling of remembering.

A reminder that it's all there within. You have unlimited access if you are open to seeing.

Funny fact to finish off this blog. I wrote this blog weeks ago but for some reason (cough the Universe) I came back to it today. A day I wasn't feeling myself. I wasn't feeling great within. One of those down days where nothing in particular got you down but you just know you need to sit in it and move through the motions. I came to my computer and just opened up this page, read it and it took me instantly back there. It reminded me. Instant joy. I now know where I can access it if I need, do you know how to access your inner joy?

I have a free E-book I put together with all the tools I have used over the years to access my joy. 101 of them in-fact! So if you are struggling, you can download it here. If not, I would love to hear ways in which you access your inner joy ✨

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