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My Holistic Journey Of Detoxing & Taking Back My Power to a More Natural Beauty.

In a world of information, my greatest advice is, trust your intuition. Well, that's what I have been doing more and more and I want to share a little bit about how of late.

I want to make a disclaimer, I am no health expert by any means. These are just areas I am interested in and when I am interested in something, I go to the depths of information to the point that my brain hurts. I then decipher it and spit out the knowledge from my perspective.

In the last 8-12 months or so I have delved deep into really taking care of my body. I believe after living in Thailand, smokey season, different foods etc it really made me want to look deeper into taking care of my vessel. Our vessels are our cars here on earth. They are driving us wherever you need to go, would you let your car leak oil? Would you let it run out of water? Would you not service it every year? I am sure you answered no to all of these. Even having a messy / dirty car or having scratches on it makes me feel unstable. Why would I allow this to my body, to my vehicle?

I have always been quite a health conscious person anyway, always mindful of what I am eating, always trying to look my best, exercise, all the things. But i've always had some issues, mainly gut issues and I just always felt as if I was battling with my body to be 'normal'. I now realise that all our versions of normal are so vastly different and I believe if we start to worry that something is 'wrong' it can often be created from someone else's fear. Not to say we shouldn't listen to our bodies when we feel something is wrong, because that's exactly what I mean. It's so important to listen and feel and take that rather than 'they had this, so I have that too'.

So I had enough and I was ready to stop being the victim of this reality (not always feeling my best in my body) and I was ready to make changes.

It really started from social media. I follow a lot of holistic, non-mainstream people and it seemed as if they were all on this timeline with me. Clearing our vessels for whatever is coming. There was something in me that was saying 'well if you aren't going to take pharm drugs or get vxd then why are you putting all this other shit in your body?' It's the same thing. So I did it, I started my toxin free journey. Well as much as I could do and knowing I can take it slowly and at my own pace. One thing at a time, as best as I possibly could. Because the reality is, things like heavy metals and parasites etc are always going to enter our body even if we continue to cleanse, so it's an ongoing process that is forever. There's also things we cannot avoid. As hard as I will try, I give myself grace for slipping or allowing as long as it's a full body yes and I am ok. For example, whilst in Thailand I had an accident where I scraped my leg on a motorbike while walking in the street. I thought it was ok until some nursing students came to help and said you need to go to hospital. Unfortunately, I had to have stitches which meant anaesthesia and who knows what else. They also forced me to have a tetanus shot (well I caved to the fear), because they didn't know if there was rust on the metal. Plus the antibiotics. When you're alone in a country like that, you tend to take extra precaution and I did. So I of course, probably had a lot of heavy metals to detox from after this.

This is what I want to make clear for others, no matter what it is, despite the fear given (especially from people that forbid these things for themselves) I believe we can detox ourselves from anything. We can remove it from our body, our field and we can heal ourselves quite naturally from just about anything. I say this from someone who has pretty much done that all her life (well at least after my 30's). I don't take pain killers, I don't take any medications. I simply change my lifestyle and it pretty much moves itself. In saying that, I am pretty healthy, especially the last 3-4 years since I lowered my cortisol (stress) levels right down.

So where did it start? It started when I decided no more toxins. Which meant, no more b...tox. Ahh this one was tough. I went through all the motions. From telling myself it's ok, I want to look good & feel good, it's just self-love right? Through to, it's so bad for you, I must hate myself for doing this, I don't think I am pretty enough etc etc. All the motions. Until I landed somewhere in the middle. My body is saying, it's time to stop. But it's ok if others want to, it's ok if I cave. But for now, it's stopping and we are going to detox from the 5 or so years of doing this. I really believe we don't know the real ramifications of some of these technologies and I no longer want to be the tester for it, so I stopped. That's it and I am still going strong. It wasn't easy though. My face started moving in ways I had not felt in a very long time. I have forehead expression again, whats that? I am grateful I have good Mediterranean skin anyway so I should be ok haha. That's what gets me through. But the beauty (no pun intended) that came out of this was that it opened my eyes and my world to all these other things that I can do to keep myself looking my best and feeling my best. Things that feel much more like self-love. Much more like me saying 'hey body, I see you, I am ready to really take care of you'. But at the same time, I am a Libra and looking good = feeling good so how can I keep this up?

That's when I was introduced to Red Light Therapy. Game changer. End of story. I am not going to go into details about the holistic overall body benefits of this but the face benefits. Better than b..tox, I am convinced. I am still early in the process but this works. Like I said, I have good skin, I am aware of it but I also take care of it. I am using minimal face products, mostly all natural stuff (I am still transitioning fully) and I get regular facials from a dermatologist who is focusing on collagen production and wrinkle reduction. I take true pride in my appearance (unless I am hermitting in my house haha) it's something I will never let go of. But I am ready to give her that natural, me feel. I don't want to feel like I have to change who I am to suit the trends, or look like everyone else. I want to feel confident in my most natural beauty. I want to feel confident in who I am.

Don't get me wrong, I have my days (cycle tracking will reveal this for you haha) where I am like oh god there's no helping here haha but that's all a mindset thing. It truly is. People really don't see your surface, your vessel as you do. This is facts. Women especially often give themselves more beatings than most. But I have learnt to observe this and ask myself what do I truly see here in this moment, is it the surface or are you unhappy a little deeper than this?

So we started with Red Light Therapy, we moved to microcurrent devices, Gua Sha, face massage and a few other things to focus on certain aspects. To get to the core of prevention rather than trying to cover up (like b..tox essentially does). So I researched things like lymphatic drainage points because I do tend to have a lot of inflammation in my body. Whatever I feel, I look at a holistic approach, try it and if it feels correct for me, I add it into my daily routine box. So all these things are mostly focused on my face, anti-ageing, collagen boosting etc which was great but what about the internal system? The core, my gut. Your gut is in my opinion your health brain. It controls your overall health. If your gut is unhealthy then it will manifest into other things. For example, collagen reduction or arthritis or even bad breath and snoring. So I can red light the shit out of myself until the rooster screams in the morning but that stuff will only temporarily fix things until I get my gut sorted. In saying that, Infrared does help heal the gut too. So these things are great to keep moving things but the gut is what needs the most and consistent focus, for me.

This is when I really went deep into the 'conspiracies' which fun fact, aren't conspiracies, they are more truthful than the truths that we have been told all our lives. I really understood how much we have been lied to in terms of health and wellness from mainstream and it hurts my heart thinking about how many people just have no idea. They have no idea how much these things could be affecting their health. People are living with chronic body issues daily and don't get me started on mental issues and they are told to take a pill or drink this medicine and they temporarily get relief. If they miss one day, they are effectively screwed? This doesn't sound like a 'cure' it sounds like a mask. There are so many holistic ways you can heal yourself completely and I encourage everybody to glance at some, even if you don't believe in it, just have a deep dive into some.

Once I started focusing on my gut it also took me to emotions that were being stored in the body. This is another topic, for another blog, but I do want to touch on that again we can stop eating all the bad things, but most of the time the pain or issue leads to an emotion. Something we didn't deal with that stored in our body. Gut especially is linked to being highly empathetic, so I had to teach myself how to protect my energy as well through this process. Without delving into the emotions too much, I will say that during this process A LOT of emotions were coming through my vessel. This is all a part of the detox process, so prepare yourself for old shit to surface.

This detoxing is essentially stage one for me. So it will get deeper and deeper as I go on, I understand this is a full mind, body, soul & spirit experience for me.

I won't go into detail of all the things I have started to avoid as this blog will be 32 pages long. It will probably be a short story. But I will list them below as perhaps it might trigger you to do your own research on these these things. I know I have so much more to uncover here and this is just the beginning for me. But I will do my best at taking care of my vessel as much as I can but without putting too much fear around 'I am going to die if I continue to consume that bad shit'. Because that isn't true. You are not going to die. In fact, nobody knows what exactly will happen to us. But as I said at the very beginning, if your body starts rejecting certain things, or sees a post and wants to go deeper, follow that. It's funny, one of my cousins who is very politically left just recently jumped on board with one of these things which is our Teflon frypans are releasing PFOA's (after watching the movie) and she chucked all her frypans out and is now researching these chemicals much deeper as it stems much further than our frypans, facts. But she was the last person I would have expected it from. This is telling me that more and more people are waking up to what we are consuming and I am here for it. Welcome. Glad to have you here.

Again, I don't want to feed you this and instil fear. Do what your body tells you, always. This is just what I see and have delved into. There are some things I see and I am like, no way I can't stop that. So I am not ready for them or they are not for me. It's that simple.

Ok, so here is the list of just some things I am stepping away from and how I am combatting it:

  • B...tox & fillers (I write it like that because this word is actually not allowed to be used in Aus and can affect my SEO, sorry for the biz input there haha)

    • I now use Red Light, Infrared, Microcurrents, EMS vibrations, Gua Sha, Face massage, facials and natural face products and drink lots of clean water. I buy most of my devices from

  • Teflon or non-stick coated fry pans (or anything that has this chemical in it)

    • Stainless steel. It's hard to use, but you get used to it.

    • Switch your air-fryer too, I just bought one with trays rather than non-stick coating pan.

  • EMF's

    • I use patches & crystals to minimise this.

    • Step on the grass with bare feet every 2 hours or so, it instantly increases negative ions.

    • Get off your phone haha

  • Consuming seed oils (canola, vegetable, sunflower etc) - this is the hardest one.

    • Only use 100% olive oil or coconut oil or no oil. Be mindful some aussie branded olive oil, is not 100% olive oil.

    • I check every thing I buy at the supermarket, I see one seed oil, it goes back on the shelf. If I really want something, I make it myself.

  • Heavy metals - pretty hard to avoid so it's more of an upkeep

    • I do heavy metal detoxes which I will do every 6 months. Be advised by an expert and I was guided by my kinesiologist, so I do charcoal detoxes.

  • Vegetables and Fruits from the supermarket. Don't buy veggies and fruit from Woolies & Coles haha - this is more a stance than anything. Most of our fruit & veg probably has pesticides, even organic.

    • Grow your own. That's it.

  • Chemical beauty products. I cry, I truly do. I am a beauty product fan girl who has given up my babies it feels. Your skin drinks everything you put on it, remember that. Would you physically drink it? Then don't put it on your skin.

    • Opt for more natural branded face creams & serums that have natural actives in it. Honestly, less it more. We don't even need it. Get a red light haha

    • Natural deodorant. I have been doing this for around 5 years already, best thing ever. I had to detox initially and that was crazy hard, but worth it. You are literally spraying aluminium into your pores with your deodorant.

    • Natural toothpaste. Again, been doing this for 4-5 years. Easy. My teeth have never been healthier also. I hardly ever go to the dentist and when I do, he always says my teeth are so healthy. I just started tongue scraping too, so try that as well for bacteria cleanse.

    • Natural shampoos. No brainer.

    • Natural soaps. You won't believe the change in underarm smells when you stop using chemical filled soaps under there. Don't even get me started on your private parts. If you use chemical soaps there, don't talk to me. We can't be friends. Just kidding, but seriously, that's an open portal to your womb gals and guys thats a direct stream to our future generation? What are you thinking?

  • Alcohol - sorry this is probably the biggest one. It is literally a 'spirit' so you are opening yourself up to who knows what when you consume not to mention the health implications. Don't come at me with one glass of red wine blah blah blah. Do what you want, believe what you want but you've been lied to, I promise you.

    • I just don't drink it, ever. I haven't for many years but now it's like not even one. What's the point, I see no point. This is my opinion and that's it. Call me boring, but hey if you need to drink to have fun then there's some inner work to look at not alcohol.

    • If you want to loosen a little for whatever reason, try microdosing mushrooms.

  • Fast food.

    • Nothing but seed oils, nothing more to say here.

    • All in moderation, I understand but now I am just like, there's no need for it.

  • Wireless headphones aka bluetooth on your brain.

    • I recently saw something on that they are working on AirPods that can read our minds. LOL. You bet your ass they already do this. Chuck them in the bin.

    • I do use mine sometimes when I need to but 99% of the time I am back to old school wired headphones. No more headaches, go figure.

  • Store bought nut milk.

    • This was hard, I hated the taste of homemade nutmilk. I have an intolerance to dairy which is very unfortunate. Otherwise I would eat all the cheese. I will start to heal this next though. But make your own nutmilk, it's so easy like so so easy. Plus it doesn't have all the shitty chemicals and processing that the long life ones have.

    • I also found one at the supermarket which is just almonds & water. It tastes great, so if you can't make it yourself, at least buy a super clean one.

    • I find cafes that use homemade nutmilk. But again, all in moderation, you'll be ok.

  • Tap water - insert vomit emoji

    • Sorry guys, tap water is a big no no when detoxing. Get yourself some clean water. Kangan water being the best or if you can reverse ozmosis but then add in some good quality salt to reintroduce the minerals.

    • If you are buying water, try to find water that still has minerals in it, calcium, magnesium etc. Or at least Alkaline water.

    • I carry around salt with me. If I need it, I just lick it or put it in my water. Most water in bottles has no minerals. This is not good for us! We need these minerals. My favourite salt is Celtic salt.

There are so many other things but this is the real basics. There are also many I am looking into and I see daily that I just add in. I didn't get into the mental detoxes, this is probably a blog in itself but just remember limit your scrolling, limit your consuming, turn off the news, step in nature rah rah rah you know the drill haha. I will write another blog when I am deep into the non-tox life haha.

What I will say is that I haven't seen a huge improvement on my gut but I am going to bring that down into that I am detoxing from years and years of toxins. I will continue to tweak everything until I am feeling my very best. It's a long journey, but I am so glad I started and didn't wait. I will say though, my skin is flawless. It's never looked better. I am going to put that down to chemicals as well as red light and these beauty regimens I have dived into. Time will tell. Mentally I feel so great too. I have my days, but less brain fog and just much more clear. I also gave up coffee a little bit but to be honest, that didn't do much from what I can see.

I can see a big collective shift in awareness for all things happening right now. As we move into the age of Aquarius and so sick of the bullshit, we will see more and more foundations we once clung to, fall. We will open our eyes to better possibilities and we will trust ourselves and our own judgements more and more. We are moving into a time where you can no longer hide behind your lies, the truths will be revealed. However, we have a choice to see, we have a choice to be shown the truth. It really is time for the red & blue pills to be taken in all aspects of our lives, but our bodies are a really big component of that.

Ok enough woo woo chit chat for this one. I encourage you to take care of bodies, it's your greatest gift to yourself.

I will link some products below that I use. But also, just google and you will find your way. I always encourage people to do their own research, follow their intuition and I will continue that here. I am simply telling you my story and how it's helped me in the hopes that it can bring awareness to a layer deeper than that which we are used to. This is my forever game. I will always be here doing it. I know this.

If there's anything else I mentioned and you want to know what I use, comment below or DM me.

Much love and happy detoxing fam!

Adelina x

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