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Letting our old worlds go - Full Moon in Leo - January 2024.

Updated: Jan 26

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Full Moon - Leo - Jan 2024

There is a change coming, we can all feel it. But this isn’t just the ‘new year’ feeling change, this is something bigger. Something more powerful. Something beyond the veil.

We are all so used to the worlds that we have been living in, but they no longer exist. They have been alchemised. They are gone. We need to accept this as fast as we can in order to move forward and enjoy the new worlds just as they are. But it isn’t that easy. It isn’t as easy as just saying ‘move on it’s gone’. We need to break it all down. We need to feel in our core the new frequency of the new world that we live in. In order to do this, we need to let go of all those things from our old world. All the things that were no longer serving us. All the things that tied us to the old world. Again, this isn’t easy. This is comfortable. It feels good still being in the old world. But you don’t even know what’s in-store for you in the new world unless you take the leap. 

We are letting go. Collectively and individually, we are letting go. We can either do it with ease and grace or we can have our worlds ripped from us. This could also be our destiny if we listen closely to the signs. If it isn’t hitting us hard enough then we must learn from the struggle. But the beauty in life is that there are learnings in the struggle and there are learnings in the journey. Choose how you want to pave your path moving forward. Are you prepared to take a passenger seat and observe all that is? No matter in which way that it is?

There is so much magic in worlds changing. There is endless magic here. The ups & downs are all so euphoric if you believe that they are. Let go of the comfort. You don’t need it. It doesn’t serve you. Let it go. Be brave, be bold, be you. Be whoever you want to be and don’t let your old world comforts drag you back in. Don’t let it. 

It’s time to not be afraid to get out and explore the new. Dabble in it. Dip your toes in it and observe what’s there for you to see. Take a look around and move into the places that feel good for our mind, body & soul. The places that light you up from within. The places that enlighten your frequency. What is there? What can you see? What do you want to explore? You get to choose. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your perfect day. What does it look, feel, smell, sound like? Can you experience it clearly or is it still a blur? If it is a blur, try to focus on one aspect, one thing. Bring that thing forward and really explore it. Keep exploring until it’s clear, until your focus is clear. Go do your thing.

Are you ready for the abundance that is here for you in the new world? Have you let go of the fear of what abundance truly looks like for you. What feels good for you? Are you ready to see the new world of abundance, the new world of wealth. What this looks like for you? This is perhaps not physical or material, are you ready for that? Do you truly know what it feels like to be abundant and have everything that you desire? Look within and find what it is that you truly desire in the form of abundance. Do you desire an unlimited stream of joy? Do you desire an unlimited stream of love? Take a moment to check in with your body and feel into what lights you up when you say certain words for abundance. Joy, Happiness, Love, Money, Gifts, Clients, Prosperity, Clothes, Friendships, Lovers, Shoes. Think of your own things and listen to your body when they come to you. What do you feel? Which ones light you up? How can you let go of the old world version of wealth & abundance and embrace the new world version?

Being in the new world is right here, within your reach. It is here. Are you ready to reach for it? Are you ready to accept all that is here? Often we sit in our comforts and don’t believe nor desire for anything better. We sit in the comfortability of being less joyous, less happy, less abundant as we are afraid that if we desire more that it is beyond our reach. Or perhaps we feel guilty for the desire of wanting more. But it is these desires that make us human. This is what sets us our journeys to explore, to change, to feel. This can be scary. It is the unknown. It is not a place we are taught to go as it is scary and there are many consequences on a journey pathed by you. But we need not fear. This is our path. We are welcomed to walk upon it if we dare. If we dare to take the leap and jump on it with open arms and know deep in our hearts that no matter what, the universe will catch us. It has our backs. It wants what is best for us. It wants us to want what’s best for us first and foremost.

Enjoy x

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