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My 1:1 Intuitive Transformation Sessions

What is an intuitive transformation guidance session?

This session is designed to give you insight and information into areas of your life that you are ready to jump into but are in need of some guidance to dive in. A transformation onto the other side with guidance into the unseen. 

With my intuitive guidance, together we harness your energy and transform it into the next stage.

When you invite me in, I will look at all perspectives, all angels and bring forward whatever it is that you need.

Most sessions are back and fourth dialogue, however, as each session is very different, there may be sessions where I do all the talking, or you might. Whatever your system needs, whatever you desire, will transcribe through. You will ask a question, which is the main theme of the session but you are also welcomed to ask questions throughout to dive deeper.

Who is this session for?

It is for individuals who have been on a self-development, spiritual, self-help journey, collected all the pieces and are ready to put them all together to take yourself to the next level. I am here to inspire you, empower you and encourage you to take that leap. Because you are ready, there is no doubt about that. Sometimes we just want our hand held to guide us to the next level. 

Every session is very different. No two sessions will ever be the same. I am guided by your energy, your higher self, your team, whatever it is that you refer to, I take a look at all angles & perspectives, give you whatever it is that you are seeking from this session and usher you through to the next level. Sometimes these things can be buried deep in the unconscious and we are here to work together to unpack, get to the root and up level your system ready for the next stage.

The aim of these sessions, isn’t for you to keep coming back for more. The aim is to get straight to the core of it, usher you through and then see you on the other side. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, in a business transformation session, I will often have clients reach out for further help, even in the 3D realm with my experience in digital marketing & social media. For those that need a little longer assistance, I offer 4 - 8 week containers (after we have had a 1:1) where we will check-in weekly to ensure you are making those leaps and bounds both internally and externally that you came to earth to follow.

What stages could this be useful for?

A new business / career / system / personal brand you are wanting to step into. This could be your transition from the 9-5 to your own business or it could be starting a new business in a whole new field. 

A break-up / new relationship you are about to step out of or into. This can be a very scary transition. Sometimes it is very new and unknown for some. For example, you have been in a very long term relationship and you are ready to leave but can’t quite jump. Or you are getting into a new relationship and your past fears are holding you in a standing still position. 

Moving houses / states / countries and you are frozen in doubt and uncertainty. Another scary momentous time in someones life. I moved so many times and could have benefited greatly with some nervous system ease in the moves. Let’s usher you into the new frequency of your new destination so you are ready and empowered with all your decisions.

A re-birth into a new way of being. This would have to be my most common clientele. Going through a re-birth or having just been through a dark night of the soul (or preparing to go through one) can be a very fragile and scary time for some. Often we just need somebody to speak to or express our emotions to that isn’t our friends or family. Sometimes we just need motivation and empowerment to usher us through the density of it all.

What frequencies are brought into the session?

Only high vibe here of course? Ha, just kidding. 

I bring you the frequencies of Ancestors, Spirit, Angels, Shamanism, Akasha, NLP, EFT, Human Design, Mentoring, Coaching, Nomadic, Digital Marketing, Social Media.

Plus my intuitive guidance system which is the pinnacle of all this matter. Without this, none of these would exist and they only exist in my system as they were selected to be there. I am a true believer that everything we know, everything we guide with, is already within us and society forces these labels so that we question our internal systems. Our energy systems are made up of all of this and all of that which exists in every single realm we are allowed to access.

An example of one of my sessions with a past client:

I started by asking a question about what they needed more clarity on / what they were struggling with. Then I put them in a deep meditative state (some may feel it more hypnotic) and I started to take them on different timelines, allowing them to really guide wherever they needed to go. Whilst we were on all these various timelines (past / present / future) I would ask questions, allowing them to go deeper into what they were feeling. This allowed any unconscious beliefs / thoughts / patterns / behaviours to be uncovered. Ones they didn't even think about until now. Then we came out of it and had a little discussion / healing around what came up. But the real healing happens once they went off and integrated in their own own time. Integration is the key here. If you are not going away and integrating, observing what has come up and taking the necessary steps to move forward than it can often come back around. Not always, but sometimes. We usually discuss integration if it needs to happen, but I always guide you in telling you to go do whatever it is you need. It could simply be have a cry.

Here are some beautiful words from some special souls I have ushered through:

It was such a privilege to have a reading by Adelina. She gave me a lot of clarity/guidance and also so many reminders/strategies of ways to empower myself. So grateful to her and her gift :) - Meera

I had an oracle question reading with Adelina and she made me feel so safe, supported and heard. Her feedback and the messages could not of come at a better time. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much again! Highly recommend 🫶🏼✨ - Chelsea

If you aren’t ready for a 1:1 session, don’t worry, I got you. I offer quick 15 - 20 min 1 question oracles that offer you clarity and guidance on something. This is a fully remote session so all you need to do is select a slot, share your question when prompted and within 48 hours I will email you a recorded voice note of what came through. Yep, it’s that easy. You don’t have to worry about being available and you can listen to it back in your own time when you have space.

My mission on earth is to perfect the unperfected. See the unseen, use my penetrative force to uncover perspectives and angles that may not be visible. If there is something that is bent out of shape, my soul mission is to bring it back together and ensure we are all walking the paths that light us up to our core. My mission is for the other, for you. But in turn, your transformation becomes my transformation too. We are all here walking this path together.

I empower, I encourage, I motivate, I create a safe space for you to transform into the next stage you are already destined for. 

Much love soul fam, 


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