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Self-Discovery Mentoring: What is it & why I chose it!

What is Self-Discovery Mentoring?

I am a firm believer that all the work we do within is driven by our own internal systems. It is all us. We are the drivers, we have the power. But often we have blindspots or we need assistance to get to places we may be afraid to go ourselves. A helping hand, a guide, to gently point you wherever you need to go. 

This is why I created Self-Discovery Mentoring as a way for you to bring to me the information so that we can work together on going deeper and creating systems to propel you forward.

My aim is to empower you so you have all the tools and confidence to move forward with ease. Life is not meant to be difficult. Yes, we have our ups & downs, our dark & light moments, this is all a part of the journey. But I am a firm believer that it doesn't need to be so hard. 

Throughout my life I ran into obstacles and I was fortunate enough to have some of the most helpful tools to help me on my journey and I am ready to share those with others to help them on their journeys!

I want everyone to create their dream life of pure blissful happiness where we still have the waves of up & down emotions but we create smaller waves. We learn from the waves, they are our greatest teachers. It's all about having the right tools and being the best version of you so that they don't have to be so hard.

What is involved in each session?

  • We will begin with a 2 - 5 minute guided meditation and intentional breathing.

  • You will give me all the information you need on what is going on with you and where you might be stuck or need assistance. 

  • We will set an intention for the session.

  • If you agree to an intuitive look we will do the following:

  • We will have an intuitive look into your body & system to see if there's anything we need to work on. This might involve systematically checking places in your body and discovering what is going on there. This is guided by me, but done by you.

  • I will look at anything intuitively in your spiritual body, if there's any information that needs to be brought to the surface. Similar to a Kinesiology method where we put language on it so your conscious body clicks (I am not a trained Kinesiologist, it is just a good example of a similar process).

  • If we aren't intuitively looking, we will use my knowledge & resources to provide you with whatever you need to move forward.

  • We will discuss any tools or methods you could utilise outside of the session.

  • If you provided your birth details, we will incorporate Human Design into the session to see if there's anything in your mechanical body that could benefit you.

  • We will close the session, repeating your intention.

Why I chose mentoring?

As a 6/2 Projector in Human Design, I am known as the Role Model. My role is to be a living example of what it means to be human. All my life I have looked to others to understand how everything works and where it is going. I have gathered up this knowledge and I am here to show you a better way to live on this Earth plane. See I once was stuck. I once wasn't empowered to be the best version of me. I had a lot of assistance to break down the conditioning layers that are instilled upon us since birth. Though the 'healing' journey never really ends, I have gone through the trenches so that I can now enjoy the lighter waves of life and I want to show everyone they can too! 

I want you to do all the work whilst I hold a safe space for you. This to me is what mentoring is all about. Someone who shares their knowledge, skills and experience, to help another to develop and grow. Someone to give you the confidence to do it.

I am here to be recognised & acknowledged by you and be extended an invite to guide you. Empower you.

Are you ready to get started? Click below.

I'm Ready

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