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Sharing your Inspiration from others leads to a solid foundation for sharing your medicine with everyone

I was having a conversation with my sister-in-law, so I am going to start by acknowledging that this blog is inspired by this conversation. She has a way in seeing through what I see through and inviting me to go deeper into what I see. So thank you Mel, I appreciate our daily chats.

When you first look at Human Design and find out you are a Projector, it's very hard to navigate what you 'know'. Everything becomes a question and you start to really dive deep into the realities of what you have 'learnt'. This was me four years ago and I am so grateful for the knowledge and insights that this system has taught me. 

I will say as of now, this is just one of many systems I look at and take what I need or what resonates and I leave the rest. A very important aspect to remember when interacting with these systems. Whether it's learning them or learning about you from them. If you don't question the systems, the systems become you and you have to exit plan. 

One of the big things for a Projector is 'recognition'. But I want to expand this to everyone. I believe that we all deserve recognition for our efforts. It's a part of being Human. It feels good, it's undeniably something we all deserve. But one thing that took the longest to learn was that no matter how much recognition someone gives you, they will not be able to go any higher than what you already believe in yourself. You will never feel the 'hit' of the recognition if you don't believe it in yourself. It's just words in that case. 

So the key here is, firstly, recognising your medicine here on Earth. What you are doing that is silently affecting the people around you, your tribe, the collective, whatever your mission is. This could be your children, your business, your influence, anything that you live and breathe so easily. Quietly observing your mere being and the ripple that it causes. Until you get to see that for yourself, without someone pointing it out to you, you may never see it. 

This is not easy. I repeat, this is not easy. But this was one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself on this journey. The ability to see me for all that I am, my ripple effect, without anybody telling me. It took a very long time. It took a lot of breaking down the conditioning, the belief that words rather than observations & feelings matter more. It was about observation, looking but not reacting and then seeing it all ripple out.

This is my greatest gift to myself. Recognising my effects on the other, even if they don't see it.

There are a couple of things that helped get there that you can incorporate straight away:

1. Recognising and praising others when they inspire me.

2. Never saying this is entirely my source, unless it is. As of the above, recognising that whatever I am saying / doing came from another.

3. Knowing that even if someone doesn't mention you inspired them, you can see it. It's about not feeling frustrated / bitter with the essence of another sharing from your inspiration.

4. Knowing that as a 6/2 that everything I know is already inside of me, that it does come naturally but if it wasn't for a particular interaction, it may not have surfaced.

5. Once I recognised myself, I was able to share from my own resources. See myself so much more clear. Even if it's not what everyone wants to see, it is divinely me and I am proud of that.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone sees what I may see. I am 'curious' by nature (channel of curiosity in Human Design) so I am always looking deeper. I am always looking out the side of my eye as to what is happening around me. Not to be 'watching' but more for observing others and their behaviours so that I can learn more! 

I genuinely know I came to Earth to learn about YOU. Not what you 'do' but truly who you are at the core. To learn about me through YOU but it's all about the other. I like to ask questions, I like to sit in silence to observe, I love to learn about YOU even when you don't want to learn about me. But through my actions, my responses, my insight, you will in-turn learn about you. I learn from you about you and then show you a side of you that you may not have seen if it hadn't interacted with my lens. So simple, yet so divinely purposeful for you to all experience.

With that, I want everyone to remember who you are. What your essence is, what your medicine is. Recognise it in you, recognise it in others and speak it out loud. Once we get to the stage of comfortably sharing recognition for others, watch how divinely guided and easeful your messages come through. Sometimes the person won't notice, sometimes they will and not everybody is quite on the path of recognising themselves just yet. So what a gift you can give another by gently reminding them how they inspired you. I understand this can be difficult as our insecurities arise (this has been the biggest thing amongst others I see) but I promise you, you will feel this small shift in sharing your medicine once you create a steady foundation from creation that came just from you. Whether it was inspired by others or not.

The ego / heart / willpower centre when in its true power, has absolutely nothing to prove, ever! It already knows and nobody can take that away from them.

Now I will share a story of how this happened to me recently as it now is more often than not, mirrored back.

I was hanging out with a new friend and we were having a deep conversation about men & women (shoutout to Dave for this very insightful chat). These are of course my favourite conversations to have so I could talk about them all day. The next day we caught up again and he read me a comedy skit that he had wrote after our interaction. After reading it out to me he said 'so thank you for inspiring this skit'. One sentence. One sentence that was so loud and reminded me that me purely just being is my medicine. I do know, but a gentle reminder that day. I also bridge his split in Human Design so of course it created a creative outpour. But this is just the mechanics of it, we don't even have to know that to see. Another divinely guided aspect of the pure inspiration we pull through people with our mere presence.

I hope this inspired you to inspire others with recognition. Let's not be afraid and let's shift our own energy as we will in turn have that reflected straight back to us! 

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