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The collective shift for relationships, polarity & the lost meaning of masculine + feminine.

There's a shift happening. A relationship shift. I can feel it as if it's already happened so I wanted to explain what I see. This is my opinion, my intuitive insight through my lens. Please remember that when reading, use your discernment and take what only resonates. Nothing should ever create fear within us and if it does, it often is not meant for us. I also want to add, I write this from a female lens, so please don't be offended in my beliefs and my vision, this is how I see the world. There are two genders in my world and I am attracted to only men. So this blog reflects this. I accept all to a capacity of my beliefs in this current moment.

Note on discernment:

There is a lot of information out there. A LOT. This is a time if any to use your discernment. When you read anything online or even if someone is telling you something. What I mean when I say this, is to feel this information on a cellular level, how does your body react? Are you afraid? Does it feel icky? Does your stomach sink? That doesn't always mean it isn't for you, it can often mean your nervous system isn't ready for this upgrade. Check in with yourself, ensure you are ready for any recoding or upgrades on a cellular level with all the information that is coming in. We will often naturally push past the information - keep on scrolling, get out of a video or distract ourselves from a conversation. I will often scroll or zone out, my eyes literally glaze over. My body rejects this information. One time, my body started shaking and I left my body. It was like 'hell no, we out of here'. Trust your body knows what to do and if it's very sticky we can often leave.

New Age Relationships.

I want to start by saying there's so much noise at the moment on social media. Do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that. Especially around relationships and especially geared toward women. People telling you to 'speak like this to attract your man' 'don't do this or you won't attract the right partner' more and more fear added onto the layers of fear you probably already have around relationships. Talking more to discernment I invite you to block out the noise. These people are using these tactics for marketing. To scare you into buying their course. There is literally no wrong or right way, there is only YOUR way. You get to choose how. You get to choose how it feels in your body. If you want to do something, do it! Does it feel good? Do it. Don't worry about what they say. Stay true to you, how you feel and what you want. Don't get side tracked by fear mongering tactics to tell you that you're doing it all wrong. But if they resonate then go ahead and jump on board with it. Use your discernment.

If you're reading this, you have probably heard this term 'New Age Relationships'. It might mean something different for everyone but this is my perspective. My lens. Most of this concept on the polarity section was brought to me by Ihsan but I have interpreted it into how I understand and what has worked through me for a while now. Often when we hear somebody speak, it can lift out what was stagnant in us, lying underneath the layers where language was unable to be brought to the surface.

We have been living and transforming through various waves around the meaning of relationships. So much distortion, so many dictations on how it should be. There's a lot. I always go into it with the perspective that it is all as it's meant to and everyone's experience is always different. It can also shift & change, it doesn't need to be cemented into who you are. My take on relationships definitely has shape shifted over the years and even more so in the last few years.

What was once such a traditional polarised view of relationships, has now changed into this 'let's do whatever we want without consequences'. This, I believed has changed the dynamic within us. It has created an imbalance.

What I mean by the dynamic has shifted is that we now have much stronger expectations on the other that it has almost thrown everyone into caring a lot less about being in solid unions / relationships. Why would a man be with one woman when they are just annoying / nagging when they can be single? Why would a woman be with a man when they are useless and don't give them the attention they deserve? These are just some of the many trends I am seeing. Not to mention the disputes online and the endless dictations on the expectations of a partner. A list of expectations longer than they can write on an A4 piece of paper. 

So without solid unions, without divine love being cultivated, what happens? The balance is off. We have created fire, chaos. Masculine essence by nature, where is the water and earth here? Where is the stillness, the grounding when everyone is fighting and having endless thoughts running through their head?

One thing I deeply believe in is that in order for Earth to be in harmony, everything needs to be in balance, everything. The darkness, the light, the masculine, the feminine, the yin, the yang and everything else in between.

If our polarity is off, that is the masculine & feminine essence within, then we are out of balance. With this imbalance, can real genuine unions between two people exist? I cannot imagine what we are doing collectively, with so much friction energy when two souls come together, not in harmony. 

When I say the balance feels off, to me, is that we are living in a backwards polarity. That is, telling people to be more masculine or more feminine or having expectations of this. Now we are all naturally born with more or the other regardless of gender. But I believe the masculine & feminine has been warped so therefore thrown off the balance. By this I mean when we force a man to be more grounded, we are in fact forcing him to be more like the earth. This is in fact more feminine by nature.

When I talk about masculine, I don't mean man and feminine is not woman. This is where the separation needs to occur and it is very difficult to adapt. This is the breakdown according to the natural elements. If this doesn't make sense to you, the rest of this blog may not make sense either. 

Fire = Masculine 

Air = Masculine

Water = Feminine

Earth = Feminine 

Manly = a trait of a man

Womanly = a trait of a woman

It is important to distinguish the difference. Now I do not say this to seperate genders or anything like that. I very much believe there are only 2 genders - male & female but this conversation has nothing to do with that, at all. I say this to bring light to what it is to be a man vs what it is to be masculine. Because a woman is and should not be a man BUT in order for polarity she needs to be masculine. So if we combine man + masculine we are creating an inversion. We are saying a woman cannot be masculine, she needs to be all feminine and thus denying half of who she naturally is. Again, Man does not = masculine. Man = y-chromosome, has a penis and is the penetrative force on earth. Masculine = Fire & Air elements / essence. Has this clicked yet?

A woman can be more masculine without being manly and a man can be more feminine without being womanly. A feminine essence does not = a womanly trait. You could be fully in your feminine as a man and still have a penis, you are a MAN. These are two different things, I want to make this clear. If you like a manly man with a beard this does not mean he is more 'masculine' in fact a beard is part of the vessel, the container, the body, which in essence is feminine by nature. So a beard is not masculine, it is manly (a trait of a man). Let's make that crystal clear.

This is where the waters are getting murky. After the Polarity Workshop with Ihsan, I really understood this on a cellular level. We have been getting it all wrong and therefore we may have been confusing what we actually want.

We are all infused with masculine and feminine. It's in us all. The key is to balance the two within. Balancing the elements so that you have balance within and then you will attract balanced people into your space. The polarity will first exist in us and when we think about polarity of those external, we no longer see it as you match what I lack. The story that currently exists is that I hold more feminine therefore you must hold more masculine. A story written for way too long. How I see it as, I am balanced, I attract balanced and that is the key to polarity.

Don't mistake a grounded force as a masculine man as this in fact is feminine by nature. The ground / earth is feminine, the water is feminine so fire and air is masculine. Breathing and dancing isn't bringing in or balancing your feminine, it is fire and air, it is cultivating your masculine energy. Have you noticed that you are often drawn to water when you have had a busy day? Or you have been drawn to dance after having an emotional time crying? We already so naturally draw ourselves to the balance - crying = feminine, dancing = masculine. Polarity in order for our inner balance.

So these traits we 'seek' in another aren't so much masculine as they are just 'man' or 'manly'. Like DNA signatures that led us to believe are masculine but they are in-fact man (or opposite sex) traits. Seeking in the opposite what we innately don't have in our DNA in order to re-produce. A very natural instinct. Nothing to do with masculine and feminine. Though if we are lacking one of these we may seek it in another. If we are more feminine by nature we may seek a more masculine by nature opposite or vice versa. This does not mean they are any more manly or womanly. But in order to really cultivate the sacred energy of divine union, I believe we need to be balanced within and not seek that from an outside source.

There is nothing wrong or right with this. We will all continue as we are but it's like a slight tweak in losing attachments / expectations to how a 'man' or a 'woman' needs to be. We should let go of these attachments regardless. If we let go of our expectations then we can allow God to bring in whatever is best for your highest timelines. Something I am sure all of us desire. If we add in 'needs' then we may limit the possibility. This doesn't mean you can't have expectations, it is all choice. You choose what you want to bring in. Do you want to bring in what you 'want' or do you want to bring in what is best for you?

If we continue to force men to innately be more feminine by nature - more emotional, more grounded, a safe container (all of feminine essence) then we are creating an imbalance. Yes, they should be all these things but they should also be fire & air. Moving fast & focused. We all should be. Or perhaps a man is 'too emotional' but by nature he is more water and he blocks it? He has blocked his natural essence, throwing him off balance. All something we need to figure out on a personal level, not switch and change because the Instagram coach told you to.

We should leave the 'traits' we seek to the DNA matching ability we all have, most often than not, guided by the woman. After all, the woman (yes only an actual woman) creates the baby and holds it in their womb, shouldn't they be the controller of who is chosen to penetrate that container?

A slight shift in our conscious awareness is all it takes to make bigger shifts around us. In a perfect world all I see is harmonious relationships. I am not saying we don't have fights, arguments, disagreements. This is all a part of it. But we shouldn't be despising each other. We shouldn't be together for the sake of it. We shouldn't have to shape shift our nature so that we make up for what the opposite lacks. We should all be focused on balancing ourselves so that we can attract balanced unions and therefore creating divinely balanced frequencies of love out into the world.

I will end on one note. Something I messaged to a friend today:

Your pleasure has nothing to do with the other. The man is the penetrative force, the woman is the receiving container. You receive to what capacity you have within.

Happy Divine Union to you all! 

- Your Divine Union Hype Gal Adelina x

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