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What is Esoteric Magic? An Aubrey Marcus Podcast excerpt + how you can practice magic for yourself!

On my recent trip to Bali, I listened to the latest podcast from Aubrey Marcus with Dean Radin and well, it was simply magical. So I wanted to share my perspective and excerpts from the podcast as it might give you a little insight into Esoteric Magic ✨

Dean is a scientist that studies & has written many books on Noetic sciences. Honestly, just his book titles alone get me excited. With an open head (human design) topics like this, give me life. 

This podcast they are talking about Esoteric Magic and Psychic Phenomena and how it is not talked about in mainstream science. It is often criticised & rejected by the majority. When we are amongst it, we are a little blinded by how Esoteric Magic really is only believed by a minority as we still follow a very scientific system. Magic creates a different world view to science. Magic is subjective experiences having to do with mind & consciousness. From a Science perspective, this cannot exist. From an esoteric perspective everything is made up of consciousness and is all existing. 

Dean talks about Psychic Phenomena - receiving through space & time. It requires that there is something about the mind & consciousness that is able to do things in the physical world directly. We can still test this via scientific methods, so it is a real thing, it just isn't mainstream. 

He breaks this Psychic Phenomena down into 3 categories:

  • Divination - the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

  • Force of will - impressing your will onto the world and making it do things. 

  • Theurgy - communicating or dealing with spirits or non physical entities. 

The issue with this 'psychic way' for the mainstream is that with psychic abilities, secrets can no longer exist. So think about that how you will. But we have been living a certain way of life for so long, they don't want this to change. So therefore, it isn't mainstream and is more so debunked & criticised for not being possible or real. But by not studying it properly or really bringing it to the mainstream, we are missing out on an opportunity. If we hadn't studied radioactivity (which was seen as a 'bad thing' much like Psychic Phenomena) we would be living in a very different world today. So if Esoteric science is 'bad' why aren't we objectively looking at it? This is something we should all question. 

Another question is, how come we don't have more access to these magic 'powers' that they once had in previous timelines such as Atlantic & Egyptian? Well, if we collectively believe something isn't possible, then it stops it or squishes it from reality. We simply need more people to start believing in magic in order for us to start utilising it more. 

So how can we 'add a little magic' to our lives and start believing more? Here are some examples he gave in the podcast that we can all try at home. 

The Chocolate Magic Trick

  1. Take a piece of chocolate (or something you can ingest).

  2. Put an intention into it by saying it to the piece of chocolate i.e I open my heart to more happiness. 

  3. Ingest the chocolate.

  4. Do this for 7 days. 

  5. At the end of each day, record how you are feeling. 

  6. Stop eating the intentional chocolate for 7 days.

  7. At the end of each day, record how you are feeling. 

  8. Create a mood scale and compare the weeks. 

  9. It is very important that you believe the intentional chocolate is going to effect you. 

The notion of believing that it will have an effect is important for it to happen. For example, if you drink a healthy shake and you firmly believe that it is healthy for you, then your body will respond as if it is. If you don't believe that you ate 2 ice-creams, then your body acts as if it only had one. 

Ways to practice your magic abilities

  • Meditation - silence the mind. Drop deeper into different realms. 

  • Draw a sigil - create an intention, draw a symbol out of this intention. Here you have taken an abstract from your head and put it into the physical world. Once you have this, charge it through heightened emotions such as burning it or doing a ritual around it. 

  • Manifesting from a heightened euphoric state - such as orgasm or laughter. When manifesting, doing it in the now as if it already exists & think of 3 other people that will benefit from this manifestation. 

  • Journaling your experiences - making note of the things your have tried and what happened or didn't happen. Build up a bank of information on what works for you and what doesn't as all 'magic' methods will work differently for different people. Ensure you include external factors in your experience notes. For example, moon phases, weather, your mood.

Everyone is so different, it's about finding the right methods for you. How do you do it? Trying it on for yourself and noting down your experiences or mentally being aware of what you have experienced. Remove the attachment that it has to work. Have fun with it, experiment, create your own magic. One day you might meditate and it's crazy and other days nothing might happen. This could simply be because of something you ate. Or an example for me personally, when I meditate with Rapeh (tobacco plant medicine), I often have a much more visual mediation often including animals.

Be curious and start experimenting and practicing but don't lose your grounding into reality. Always remember to protect yourself and ground into the earth before and after you try difference practices.

If you would like to listen to the full podcast you can find it here.

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