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How to Move Through Stuck Emotions: An Excerpt From My Own Personal Experience With Heartache

If you're on your Self Discovery journey and ask yourself the question - when does the healing end? I am here with the truth - it does not. We continue through life, people come in, people go out, things happen and something else may get stuck to us. As we become more aware, we have tools & modalities that help us deal with it better, but nothing to stop it. Well unless you're a time traveller and can go back in time. If you are, please DM me I have a couple of questions for you!

One thing that I want to talk about on a healing journey is heartbreak. We all experience it, some more than others, some heavier, some lighter. But we all experience it. It's one of those things I think we collectively chose to experience here on Earth. Sometimes it creeps up, sometimes it stays for a while and sometimes forever. Whatever the case, it's ok and we can find peace in knowing we chose to experience this, collectively. But one thing I want to put awareness on is, we don't have to suffer in it. This is the choice, heartache is usually not. Sometimes we choose to continue the suffering for safety, for peace (weirdly), we don't know where the escape button is or we are simply not aware that it's there deep in the subconscious. When it's there deep in the subconscious, it often creeps up on us in other areas such as pain in the body or stomach issues, skin issues, the list goes on. We can talk about, think about it, release it all we want but if it's deep in the subconscious this can be super tricky. 

For as long as I’ve known (maybe 6 - 8 months) I have had a pain in my left shoulder. Now I thought and was told, I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Ok, that sounds easy to manage, less stress and take some time out. I tried that. Didn't work. I tried massage, healing myself through shamanic body work, creams, patches, you name it, I tried it! I am very aware that pain, disease, discomfort etc in the body is emotional related. This is what I have studied, learnt & it's something I strongly believe in. 

So I made a contract with myself. We are not stopping until we remove this discomfort in the shoulder. Body, lead the way. And that she did. 

This is the way I removed a very strong (8/10) pain in my left shoulder.

1. I put awareness on it. I knew it was subconscious, I knew I wanted it gone and I would do whatever it took to remove it this time. No stuffing around, it's time to go. 

2. I got a massage on it so that I could release the tension from the tissue to begin with. 

3. I started doing 10 minutes of embodiment every single morning (thank you Amylea for pushing this in our course). For this, I would put on whatever frequency came up first on YouTube and pressed play. I would lay down and meditate until I was ready to get up (min 10 mins every morning). During this meditation I would imagine my feet growing roots and tying them around the Earth's core. I would then add roots to the rest of my body and really get it on the ground. I would then imagine white light going through my entire body. I would then finish with a body scan. Imagining a scanner going through my body and detecting anything that needed attention. If I found something, I would do whatever I was called to do. This could be a murky puddle that needed to be drained or a cloudy patch that needed to be cleared. Most of the time it was black roots that needed to be pulled. Kind of like weeding a garden, I would pull these out and then patched up the hole that was left. Once cleared, my embodiment was done.

4. Following the embodiment. I would keep the frequencies going, sit up and found a spot or emotion I wanted to tap on using the EFT Tapping Technique. This is where the healing began. My body went to my shoulder. I was like, yes this is what we need to clear fantastic. So I would give my pain a rating, focus on it and tap. Sometimes I would add in affirmations, sometimes I was silent. Sometimes I would say them out loud, sometimes in my head. Whatever I was called to do on the day. If the pain number didn't go down, I would do a second round. Once the rating went down I was done for that day.

5. After the tapping I would get up and clear the remanence of the energy with either sage or palo santo. 

This was a technique I tried for around 1 week before the breakthrough came in. 

One night I was thinking about something and then boom, crying out of nowhere, a BIG release this time. Lots of emotions, lots of pain. At one point I held my heart and begged it to stop. This was the release. The stuck emotion. Heartache. It was still here after months of healing, talking through, releasing the pain. It had been stored in my shoulder and wanted to release. No amount of massage, therapy or crying was going to get to this until I really wanted it gone. That was the other thing, I was holding onto it. It was my safety. It was like the last chapter in my recent heartbreak story that I had and I was just not ready to let it go. I wanted to hold on because somewhere deep inside I believed if I let it go then the story never actually existed. This is simply untrue and a condition that I put on myself. A contract I signed and needed to burn. 

Through the awareness, the focus & the willingness to let go I was able to finally release this emotion. And I am here to tell you a few days later, the left shoulder pain is pretty much at a 2 and with a good massage or some acupuncture I should be back to normal in no time. 

But this process isn't easy. It has taken me a few years to learn the tools, to gain the awareness to know what my body needs in order to release. Some people might get it first go, some might carry it for years. Everybody is different and some people are just never aware as to what it is or where it came from. But once you put the awareness on it and are willing to let it go, it will come to you. Maybe in a meditation, maybe while driving the car, it might even come to you in a dream. Then you'll see it, understand it and release it. Or perhaps you’ll need some assistance like a healing to help locate it.

This is why I love modalities that integrate body work or energy movement. It could be a week later but you always get it yourself. Whether you go through a practitioner, a healer or do it yourself, it's you who releases it. It's you who sees it. It's you who puts the awareness on it. 

If you believe you have a stuck emotion causing you grief, take a breath, close your eyes and scan your body. Focus on it and see if anything comes to you.

Just remember, we choose to suffer in our own emotions, our emotions aren't controlling us. They will always be here and as we grow they will help us through. But if we can put awareness on them and give them the attention they are looking for they will work with us, not against us. 

Love to all x

Please note: This is not intended for Trauma Healing. I recommend seeking professional advice when dealing with heavier Trauma Healing.

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